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Our Sabbath Gathering and Torah Study convenes at 10:00 a.m.


Our Study of the Messiah Chronicles begins at 9:30 a.m.

Our first day of the week Gathering begins at 10:30 a.m. **

** A Nursery is provided for children 3 and under; and children age 4 and up have their own Gathering.


Our study begins at 7:00 p.m.

Special Celebrations

We have special gatherings to observe all the Holy Days of Leviticus 23, as well as the Festivals of Purim and Chanukah.

All our gatherings are open to the public.

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Archives- D’varim [Deuteronomy]

BOOK V – D’varim [Deuteronomy]

Week 44 Studies – Parsha D’varim

D’varim Introductory Study, DOC Format                D’varim Introductory Study, PDF Format

D’varim Monday’s Study, DOC Format                      D’varim Monday’s Study, PDF Format

D’varim Tuesday’s Study, DOC Format                      D’varim Tuesday’s Study, PDF Format

D’varim Wednesday’s Study, DOC Format                D’varim Wednesday’s Study, PDF Format

D’varim Thursday’s Study, DOC Format                    D’varim Thursday’s Study, PDF Format

D’varim Friday’s Study, DOC Format                         D’varim Friday’s Study, PDF Format


Week 45 Studies – Parsha Va’etchanan

Va’etchanan Introductory Study, DOC Format       Va’etchanan Introductory Study, PDF Format

Va’etchanan Monday’s Study, DOC Format             Va’etchanan Monday’s Study, PDF Format

Va’etchanan Tuesday’s Study, DOC Format            Va’etchanan Tuesday’s Study, PDF Format

Va’etchanan Wednesday’s Study, DOC Format      Va’etchanan Wednesday’s Study, PDF Format

Va’etchanan Thursday’s Study, DOC Format         Va’etchanan Thursday’s Study, PDF Format

Va’etchanan Friday’s Study, DOC Format               Va’etchanan Friday’s Study, PDF Format


Week 46 Studies – Parsha Ekev

Ekev Introductory Study, DOC Format                  Ekev Introductory Study, PDF Format

Ekev Monday’s Study, DOC Format                        Ekev Monday’s Study, PDF Format

Ekev Tuesday’s Study, DOC Format                         Ekev Tuesday’s Study, PDF Format

Ekev Wednesday’s Study, DOC Format                   Ekev Wednesday’s Study, PDF Format

Ekev Thursday’s Study, DOC Format                      Ekev Thursday’s Study, PDF Format

Ekev Friday’s Study, DOC Format                            Ekev Friday’s Study, PDF Format


Week 47 Studies – Parsha Re’eh

Re’eh Introductory Study, DOC Format                 Re’eh Introductory Study, PDF Format

Re’eh Monday’s Study, DOC Format                       Re’eh Monday’s Study, PDF Format

Re’eh Tuesday’s Study, DOC Format                      Re’eh Tuesday’s Study, PDF Format

Re’eh Wednesday’s Study, DOC Format                Re’eh Wednesday’s Study, PDF Format

Re’eh Thursday’s Study, DOC Format                   Re’eh Thursday’s Study, PDF Format

Re’eh Friday’s Study, DOC Format                         Re’eh Friday’s Study, PDF Format


Week 48 Studies – Parsha Shoftim

Shoftim Introductory Study, DOC Format             Shoftim Introductory Study, PDF Format

Shoftim Monday’s Study, DOC Format                   Shoftim Monday’s Study, PDF Format

Shoftim Tuesday’s Study, DOC Format                   Shoftim Tuesday’s Study, PDF Format

Shoftim Wednesday’s Study, DOC Format             Shoftim Wednesday’s Study, PDF Format

Shoftim Thursday’s Study, DOC Format                Shoftim Thursday’s Study, PDF Format

Shoftim Friday’s Study, DOC Format                     Shoftim Friday’s Study, PDF Format


Week 49 Studies — Parsha Ki Tetze

Ki Tetze Introductory Study, DOC Format            Ki Tetze Introductory Study, PDF Format

Ki Tetze Monday’s Study, DOC Format                  Ki Tetze Monday’s Study, PDF Format

Ki Tetze Tuesday’s Study, DOC Format                  Ki Tetze Tuesday’s Study, PDF Format

Ki Tetze Wednesday’s Study, DOC Format            Ki Tetze Wednesday’s Study, PDF Format

Ki Tetze Thursday’s Study, DOC Format              Ki Tetze Thursday’s Study, PDF Format

Ki Tetze Friday’s Study, DOC Format                    Ki Tetze Friday’s Study, PDF Format


Week 50 Studies — Parsha Ki Tavo

Ki Tavo Introductory Study, DOC Format            Ki Tavo Introductory Study, PDF Format

Ki Tavo Monday’s Study, DOC Format                 Ki Tavo Monday’s Study, PDF Format

Ki Tavo Tuesday’s Study, DOC Format                  Ki Tavo Tuesday’s Study, PDF Format

Ki Tavo Wednesday’s Study, DOC Format           Ki Tavo Wednesday’s Study, PDF Format

Ki Tavo Thursday’s Study, DOC Format               Ki Tavo Thursday’s Study, PDF Format

Ki Tavo Friday’s Study, DOC Format                    Ki Tavo Friday’s Study, PDF Format


Week 51 Studies — Parsha Nitzavim

Nitzavim Introductory Study, DOC Format            Nitzavim Introductory Study, PDF Format

Nitzavim Monday’s Study, DOC Format                  Nitzavim Monday’s Study, PDF Format

Nitzavim Tuesday’s Study, DOC Format                 Nitzavim Tuesday’s Study, PDF Format

Nitzavim Wednesday’s Study, DOC Format           Nitzavim Wednesday’s Study, PDF Format


Week 52 Studies — Parsha Vayalech

Vayalech Thursday’s Study, DOC Format                Vayalech Thursday’s Study, PDF Format

Vayalech Friday’s Study, DOC Format                      Vayalech Friday’s Study, PDF Format


Week 53 Studies — Parsha Ha’azinu

Ha’azinu Introductory Study, DOC Format                Ha’azinu Introductory Study, PDF Format

Ha’azinu Monday’s Study, DOC Format                      Ha’azinu Monday’s Study, PDF Format

Ha’azinu Tuesday’s Study, DOC Format                      Ha’azinu Tuesday’s Study, PDF Format

Ha’azinu Wednesday’s Study, DOC Format                Ha’azinu Wednesday’s Study, PDF Format

Ha’azinu Thursday’s Study, DOC Format                    Ha’azinu Thursday’s Study, PDF Format

Ha’azinu Friday’s Study, DOC Format                         Ha’azinu Friday’s Study, PDF Format


Week 54 Studies – Parsha Vezot Ha-Berachah

Vezot Introductory Study, DOC Format                    Vezot Introductory Study, PDF Format

Vezot Monday’s Study, DOC Format                           Vezot Monday’s Study, PDF Format

Vezot Tuesday’s Study, DOC Format                           Vezot Tuesday’s Study, PDF Format

Vezot Wednesday’s Study, DOC Format                    Vezot Wednesday’s Study, PDF Format

Vezot Thursday’s Study, DOC Format                        Vezot Thursday’s Study, PDF Format

Vezot Friday’s Study, DOC Format                              Vezot Friday’s Study, PDF Format


15 comments on “Archives- D’varim [Deuteronomy]

  1. Annelne on said:

    Hi! Thank you so much for these studies. I have really come to know Messiah on a much deeper level than i ever knew possible. These teachings have influenced me and the people closest to me. My in-laws, who work with many broken people are also teaching it to their students! We have come to a place of shalom for the first time ever! Thank you and thank you!

    Where do I find the correct Torah reading cycle dates for 2014 – 2015? There are to many confusing calendars on the internet. Which one do you use?

  2. Jasmine E. Merry-Heart on said:

    Shalom Bill! We are most grateful for your studies. As we have come to the end of this Torah cycle we noticed that Friday’s study of week 54 is only in doc format. When clicking on the pdf format it shows up as a doc. Be blessed Brother and may this Sukkot be even more of a blessing as you continue to draw from HIS word and share the revelations with those that will hear. Shabbat Shalom!

  3. Benjamin on said:

    These studies are a blessing! Thank you.
    In the 48Intro74 Torah Deuteronomy 16:18-17:13 is that correct? Some other sources show Deuteronomy 16:18 – 21:9. Just curious

  4. Hi, Just wanted to let you know that the Friday .doc study for Re’eh points to a page which is not there. Thanks for all the work you have done on these!

  5. Hi, where are the week 52 Valelech studies? Not sure if we are supposed to be reading them this week or next… thanks!

    • The Rabbi's Son on said:

      The Vayalech studies for 5773 have now been posted in the Archives. We are reading both Nitzavim and Vayalech this week as we prepare for the Feast of Trumpets.

  6. Shalom,
    Do you have a document with a layout for the next Torah cycle for the coming year, a “reading program” if I could call it that? Would love to have one if you do, thank you.

  7. Thank you for these studies! Quick question though…how do I find out the answers to these questions at the end of them? For instance, I am stuck in this weeks parsha in Deut 21:10-14 on how this is prophetic for the end times.

  8. sef lewis on said:

    Would there be any other format to open the teachings other then word. I don’t have word on my computer.

    • The Rabbi's Son on said:

      Shalom! The studies are also available on line in .pdf format [Adobe Acrobat]. Go to the archives page:
      Whatever book and parsha you want, the .pdf files should be in the right hand column.

  9. Cydney on said:

    Hi! Week 47 study for Thursday is showing up as Tuesday’s study on the .doc format. Thanks :)

    • The Rabbi's Son on said:

      Thank you Cydney. I have corrected that!

      • Jeanne Cason on said:

        Will you be adding to week 51?? and are there studies for Parasha Vayalech?Thank you so much for makeing all of your studies available. I try to print all of them at the first of the week so that I can take them with me for study during breaks at work. Jeanne

        • The Rabbi's Son on said:

          The Nitzavim studies have now been updated and the Vayalech studies have now been posted in the Archives. We are reading both Nitzavim and Vayalech this week as we prepare for next week’s Feast of Trumpets.

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